Bald Man Brewing: BEER THAT ROCKS!

Bringing together our passions for fresh Artisan beer, family & community, and great rock music to build a new brewery like no other. Now available in local bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout the Twin Cities.


Tristan Kusnierek (aka...The Bald Man), our brew master, started home brewing in 1992 while in college.  This lasted for about 3 years until brewing became a hassle with apartment living.

In 2001, he helped a friend brew with a kit.  The session was so fun, our brew master purchased a new kit for himself and started brewing again.

After his engagement, he wanted to share the fruit of his labor with the wedding guests, but bottling beer was a pain. That inspired the keg system purchase.  The beer was such a success, that in 2006, a professional brewing system was purchased.  Many recipes have been tried and enjoyed by our many fans.

In June 2012, our brew master attended formal brewery training with the American Brewers Guild and completed the Craft Brewers Apprenticeship Program. He interned with Lift Bridge Brewing in Stillwater.  Since graduating, he has continued recipe development and planning for the brewery.

Tristan married into the Jacobs family decades ago and brought his great beer to family gatherings. Serial entrepreneur, businessman and self proclaimed beer geek, Dan Jacobs,was the recipient of the many great beers that The Bald Man brewed due to their wedding vows. Dan became so impressed with The Bald Man's brewing capabilities that he was convinced that these talents had to be shared with everyone so he designed and built our brewery with The Bald Man so all his Artisan brews can be enjoyed by you. I hope you agree!

Bald Man Brewing / 2020 Silver Bell Rd #28, Eagan, MN 55122 / (651) 600-3164 /