Bald Man Brewing: BEER THAT ROCKS!

Bringing together our passions for fresh Artisan beer, family & community, and great rock music to build a new brewery like no other. Now available in local bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout the Twin Cities.

Production Process

Our brewing process begins by cracking the highest quality American and European malted barley with a roller mill. This grist is then mixed with hot water in the mash vessel, producing the mash. In the mash, enzymes inherent to the malted barley convert the barley’s starches to sugars, creating sweet wort that is filtered out of the mash tun and into the brew kettle. The wort is then brought to a rolling boil and hops are added to contribute bitterness, flavor and aroma. After boiling, the wort is transferred through a heat exchanger, cooling it to fermentation temperature, into the primary fermentation vessel where yeast is added. After approximately 21-90 days in the primary fermentation vessel, the beer is cooled and cold conditioned after which it is clarified through fining and/or filtration, carbonated and served in our taproom or packaged for sale.

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